인터텍 킴스코 소개

Intertek Kimsco founded on the 5th of December in 1969 by Mr. H. W. Kim under the Korean government license and succeed by Mr. Y. H. Kim,the chairman of Intertek Korea, the eldest son of founder and developed by Alan Kim who is the Country Manager of Intertek Korea.

Intertek Kimsco was appointed as a correspondents of Intertek who is one of the largest survey company in the world and became a joint venture with Intertek in 1994.

Intertek Kimsco has 13 Offices in Korea with 4 Laboratories in Seoul, Ulsan, Pyeongtaek and Yosu where Hydrocarbon and Agriculture Testing Services are provided. A total of over 152 people are being employed by Intertek Korea in Various Inspection Fields.

In March 1996, we started to have ISO 9001 Quality System accredited by D.N.V. Rotterdam, who issued to Intertek Korea the Certificate of Quality System on the date of 14th Feb. 1997.

In order to fulfill our responsibility as a leading inspection company in Korea and further to meet with the various requirements of our Valuable Clients,we shall devote ourselves to Improvement of the services and further to accumulation of technology in the various inspection fields according to our existent ISO 9001 System and further,the laboratory quality system of ISO17025 (KOLAS) was accredited by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme on 29 Sept. 2006 up to date.


  • 2022

    Oct. Ulsan laboratory moved to Techno Industrial Complex.

  • 2020

    Apr. Headquarter moved to Seoul

  • 2016

    Jan. Headquarter moved to Gunpo

  • 2012

    May. Yeosu lab opened in OKYC

  • 2009

    Jan. Changed company name as Intertek Kimsco Co,. Ltd.

  • 2006

    Sep. ISO 17025 accredited by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme

  • 1997

    Mar. ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate received from DNV.

  • 1994

    Mar. Joint Venture with Intertek Testing Services, U.K.

  • 1987

    Oct. Mutual agency partnership with INTERTEK SERVICE CORP.

  • 1986

    Nov. Mutual agency partnership with ETL TESTING LABORATORIES, INC.

    May. Pyeongtaek office opened.

    Apr. Mutual business partnership with Gellatly Hankey Marine Services International Ltd.

  • 1985

    Dec. Kunsan lab opened.

  • 1981

    Jul. Ulsan laboratory opened.

    Jan. Kunsan Office Opened.

  • 1979

    Sep. Mutual business partnership with Caleb Brett International Ltd.

    Jun. Ulsan and Yeosu office opened.

  • 1975

    Dec. Masan Branch Office Opened.

  • 1969

    Dec. Founded under Government License and Opened Offices at Seoul, Busan & Inchon.